Businesses owners need as much help as possible to reach and connect with their target market. There are many tools and tactics out there to assist you, but social media is one of the best.

Using social media to your best advantage makes sense. Do you know which platform would be best suited to your target market?

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Researching and informing yourself about what each platform does and how it can impact your business is crucial before making a decision.

There are so many platforms to choose from, but experience has shown that there are a few that form the foundation for every industry, in terms of their social media strategy. In the section below we will discuss the “Big Five” and then cover some of the others, just briefly.


As we all know Facebook is the largest social media network on the Internet. In the last 5 years or so business has come to realise the power of using it to promote their brands and expose their businesses to the world. Due to the sheer size and reach of Facebook it makes the perfect starting place for your business to get social. It is also one of the most flexible. There are many different options at your disposal to communicate your message to the users. You can share videos, images, important company news and updates and even use it for marketing your products and service.

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Twitter is one of the best platforms to quickly reach your market and/or audience. Since you are limited to only 280 characters, it’s still the favourite of journalists worldwide. They can send short, succinct messages quickly, that have the maximum impact. Imagine how that translates into power for your business? Its time saving, powerful and packs a punch – what better way for a business to connect with their market?

If your business has great content to share, Twitter is probably the best platform out there to spread the content quickly. Retweeting is done at the touch of a button, spreading the message even further. Twitter is also one of the best platforms to get instant feedback from your audience or market.


This is most definitely hands down the best professional networking platform out there. The value to your business is that it’s great for looking to connect with people in the same industries or connecting with local professionals. It also contains the largest single base of media professionals and journalists worldwide. The key to making this platform work for you, your brand and your business, is to set up your own profile and to interact with the other users; comment on their posts and just to add huge value back to them.


Instagram is a visual social platform, much like Facebook, but focussed on images and video. This platform also belongs to Facebook and its said that 95% of Instagram users also use Facebook. That means it can exponentially extend your reach in terms of your market. Although it started with the focus being on travel, fashion, food and art – it has now grown to cover almost any subject that you can imagine.


Pinterest is about creating digital bulletin boards for you, your brand or business .If you are a small business focused on a target audience made up mainly of women, then Pinterest is one of your best options. The other valuable fact is that most people using Pinterest are interested in purchasing something – they are ready to buy.


Other platforms that are making waves for businesses using social media, are YouTube, Snapchat and podcasting. These mainly make use of the power of video and audio, either instant or produced. The key to these platforms is to make sure whether using them will reach your target audience and if they could resonate with the type of content that is posted on those platforms.

So in closing,

There are very many more platforms out there. As a business you need to find out where your market hangs out, and then educate yourself about the types of content they resonate best with and learn all you can about creating that content.

From there is all about taking action and connecting with your target audience and community.

Which ones do you use in your business or would you suggest business owners use? Let me know in the comments.

(updated Jan 2022)

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